FDA Adviser: Time to Trust the Coronavirus Vaccine
Nov. 23 2020
FDA’s Emergency Approval Process Will Ensure Faster Access to Coronavirus Vaccine
A leading vaccine specialist says it’s time to put aside distrust in the process that should get a coronavirus vaccine to most Americans’ arms by spring.
How COVID Will Change the Suburbs
Nov. 20 2020
As People Flee Congestion and the Virus, Suburbs Stand to Gain
From New York to Mumbai, COVID fears have sent people scrambling out of cities and elevated suburban housing prices. Whether that trend will hold is uncertain, but the pandemic has accelerated calls to “retrofit suburbia” to make it greener, more prosperous and healthier.
When the Government Bails Out the Economy
Oct. 26 2020
Putting the $4 Trillion COVID Bailout in Historical Context
From the Great Depression to the COVID pandemic, the U.S. has had mixed results trying to rescue the economy.
Media Lawsuit Demands COVID Data
Oct. 26 2020
News Organizations Still Demand Full Disclosure from SBA
News organizations have sued the federal government for full access to Paycheck Protection Program spending. Their lawyer says SBA disclosures are inadequate.
New NPF Guide to Tracking COVID Cash
Oct. 26 2020
Investigative and Data Journalism Tips for Following the Pandemic Stimulus Money
NPF has published a guidebook to help journalists track taxpayer spending on pandemic relief. It includes useful databases, videos on how to use Excel, Python and other data tools and pro tips from leading investigative journalists.
Using Excel to Drill Into PPP Data
Oct. 26 2020
A Step-By-Step Guide to Analyzing COVID-19 PPP Data by State
Excel tips: How to use pivot tables, filters and the VLOOKUP function to zero in on COVID small business relief loans in your state.
COVID Cash and the Debt
Oct. 26 2020
What the huge infusion of federal money means for the nation’s long-term fiscal health.
The federal government has committed trillions to prop up the economy. How – and when – will it eventually pay for it?
The Ethics Behind Vaccine Trials
Oct. 23 2020
How Emergency Use Authorization, Human Challenge Affect COVID Vaccine
After seven months of restrictions, many are eager to develop and distribute COVID-19 vaccines quickly. But a top ethicist warns that sacrificing speed for safety might not be the best bet.
Tracking the Anti-Vaccination Movement
Oct. 19 2020
About a quarter of Americans say they wouldn't get a coronavirus vaccine.
Social media messaging urging U.S. citizens to reject vaccination has roughly tripled since the COVID-19 pandemic began and is now driving an increase in public suspicions of vaccines.
A New Tool for Tracking COVID Cash
Oct. 18 2020
Volunteer Data Scientists Create Tool for Journalists
A group of data scientist volunteers has produced a new set of databases designed to make it easier for journalists to track federal pandemic stimulus funding.
Vaccine Approval 101
Oct. 16 2020
FDA Vows to Maintain Standards for COVID Vaccine
Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s vaccines division, briefs NPF fellows on the hazards of expediting a coronavirus vaccine while also maintaining rigorous safety standards. Interactive transcript available.
The Virus’ Long Timetable
Sept. 24 2020
Masking Up for the Long Haul: COVID-19 Won’t Go Away Quickly
The coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon, meaning that Americans will need to remain masked up and socially distant until late 2021 – even with an approved vaccine, according to one of the nation’s top infectious disease specialists.
Three Tools for Tracking COVID Cash
Sept. 17 2020
Updated tools to help reporters follow the pandemic stimulus money.
Millions of small and large businesses received COVID-fueled contracts and bailouts. Experts detail how to use three tracking tools to see who those companies are.
A “Perfect Storm for Death”
Sept. 17 2020
The World’s Poor Have Been Hit Hardest by COVID, Reflecting Longstanding Health Trends
Leading public health experts Sir Michael Marmot and Dr. Otis Brawley detail the connection between poverty and poor health. Life expectancy for some Americans is dropping.
The Effects of Vaccine Hesitancy
Aug. 04 2020
Coronavirus Vaccine Faces Early Battle Against Growing Pockets of Resistance
Despite successes in the lab and well-documented safety, vaccines face a growing number of skeptics. Will that imperil any coronavirus vaccine?
Tracking the People Receiving Loans
July 20 2020
Top Investigative Reporters Offer Tips and Strategy on Backgrounding Businesses
The U.S. government has pushed out nearly 5 million small business loans. Learn how to find more about them.
How Lobbying Shaped the CARES Act
July 16 2020
Lobbyists Joust for Federal COVID Stimulus Funds
How journalists covering pandemic relief funds can use congressional disclosures to track lobbying and potential corruption.
Documenting Federal COVID Contracts
July 16 2020
ProPublica Dashboard on Federal Contracts Helps Reporters Probe Coronavirus Spending
A data journalist details how he built a dashboard of every COVID-related government contract.
Who Got the COVID Cash
July 15 2020
Where to Find Macro and Micro Data on the Government’s Coronavirus Stimulus Spending
The federal government has committed more than $4 trillion to prop up the economy. Here’s how to find out where it went.
The Emerging Techno-Nationalism
June 09 2020
U.S.-China Battle for Geopolitical Dominance in Tech
Today’s struggle is over semiconductors, but tensions over trade, security, and supply chains will likely soon affect other tech sectors.
The Search for Medical Supplies
May 26 2020
Supply Bottlenecks Slow Shipments of Medical Supplies as Trade Tensions Worsen
Shortages of medical masks confound consumers and leaders. U.S. dependence on China for pharmaceuticals could prove more worrisome.
Where’s Our Food?
May 12 2020
US Food Supply Chain Disruptions Cause Temporary Woes Although Global Supplies Plentiful
Meat shortages and increases in US food prices point to a need for more international trade — not restrictions, experts say.
For Rural Americans, Mental Health Gaps Real and Dangerous
May 04 2020
COVID-19 Exacerbates Longstanding Problems, Say Winners of NPF’s Mattingly Award
In a small Colorado town, a police officer shot a man suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Two reporters explain what it taught them about mental health in rural America.
How COVID-19 Could Affect Mental Health and Suicide
April 28 2020
Stress, Isolation and Economic Distress Often Lead to Suicide – Making Coronavirus a Risk
Experts are worried about a potential increase in suicide as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps around the world. But they’re hopeful the risk can be mitigated.
Lessons from “The Great Influenza”
April 20 2020
Bestselling Author John M. Barry on 1918 Pandemic – and Its Lessons for Today
For reporters covering the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, a history of the deadly influenza pandemic offers guidance on what authorities shouldn’t do.
Evictions and COVID-19: The Next Epidemic?
April 13 2020
As COVID-19 Crashes U.S. Economy, Evictions Sure to Follow
Matthew Desmond, a MacArthur “Genius” grantee and Pulitzer winner, joins three others to give tips on how reporters can cover evictions in America.
COVID-19 Misinformation: Digital Tools and Journalistic Quandaries
April 09 2020
New Digital Tool Can Spot Fake COVID-19 Information
A public health nonprofit shows journalists how to use a digital tool that tracks known purveyors of disinformation. Experts discuss the best strategies for debunking.
COVID-19 and Homelessness: The View from the Front Lines
April 06 2020
People Experiencing Homelessness Two to Three Times More Likely to Die of Virus
The U.S. needs an estimated $11.5 billion to house an aging population.
The Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine
April 03 2020
A Leading Research Center Explains How Vaccines – Including for COVID-19 – are Created and Tested
Experts at the University of Maryland have long been involved in developing vaccines for emerging diseases. Now they are at work on one for coronavirus.
How to Report on COVID-19 and the Homeless
March 30 2020
Among the Nation’s Most Vulnerable Populations, the Homeless are at Heightened Risk for Coronavirus
Resources for journalists here:
Covering Business Responses to Coronavirus
March 23 2020
Businesses Scramble to Respond to Keep Both Employees and Supply Chains Alive
Consumer and manufacturing capacity grinds to a halt in the face of coronavirus. Two experts discuss how it will impact trade and other business activity.
Local Officials Prepare for New Coronavirus
March 05 2020
Briefing from Marcus Plescia, Chief Medical Officer for ASTHO
What you and your audience need to know.