Food and Nutrition Policy Guidelines Under Review

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Friday, May 10

How an Associated Press Team Uncovered Slavery Practices in the Seafood Industry
Martha Mendoza, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, shares her tips and secrets for a deep-dive investigation into seafood labor practices.

Running for President Has Gotten Vastly More Complicated
Unlike the smoke-filled back rooms of old, modern presidential campaigns are built on a sequence of state contests that continue to grow in importance.

The Agency Backstopping the Nation’s Pension Plans Faces Cash Crunch
The director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. talks over the potential solutions to a pending crisis in some of the nation’s private pension plans.

NASA is an Obvious Partner for Artificial Intelligence
NASA has been collecting other-worldly data for 60 years, creating a ripe resource for AI exploration.

As Immigration Debate Ramps Up, Two Sides Square Off
Is an agreement on U.S. immigration policy possible in these polarized times?

Author Knows What Wins Prestigious Pulitzer for Public Service
“Pulitzer’s Gold” shows the inventive work necessary – and also some near-misses. Almost no prize for Watergate?

Knowing what your competitors and sources are tweeting and posting can help you stay on top of a beat.

Journalists today need to be all things to all platforms. So how can journalists trained on the writing side handle their own graphics and photos?

Journalists need to prepare for time on TV. It’s not just a simple, friendly conversation.

C-SPAN has been recording politicians at work for nearly four decades – and journalists can access those clips for use in their own stories.

The Software Platform Dataminr is Useful to Find ‘Signals’ That Point to News

Using Software Platform Tableau to Build and Launch Online Visualizations

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NPF: Understanding Debt and Deficits

Understanding Debt and Deficits

Maya MacGuineas, president, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

NPF: Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Rumman Chowdhury, global lead for responsible AI, Accenture Applied Intelligence

NPF: Understanding the WTO and Brexit

Understanding the WTO and Brexit

Jennifer Hillman, professor, Georgetown Law Center

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