FDA Adviser: Time to Trust the Coronavirus Vaccine
FDA’s Emergency Approval Process Will Ensure Faster Access to Coronavirus Vaccine
A leading vaccine specialist says it’s time to put aside distrust in the process that should get a coronavirus vaccine to most Americans’ arms by spring.
How COVID Will Change the Suburbs
As People Flee Congestion and the Virus, Suburbs Stand to Gain
From New York to Mumbai, COVID fears have sent people scrambling out of cities and elevated suburban housing prices. Whether that trend will hold is uncertain, but the pandemic has accelerated calls to “retrofit suburbia” to make it greener, more prosperous and healthier.
US Trade Policy: From “America First Man” to “Alliance Man”
Biden Likely to Be Slow to Strike Trade Deals But Quick to Shift US Policy, Experts Predict
Six trade stories journalists should watch as control shifts from Trump to Biden, and how to cover them. Also, why Xi Jinping won’t want to be the Chinese leader who “lost America.”
Robert Reich on America’s Growing Inequality
Is America Becoming an Oligarchy?
Income inequality in the U.S. outstrips that of other nations, and the gap keeps widening. Now 70% of U.S. wealth is created in 30% of its counties. What happens to those left behind?
Are Trade Wars Class Wars?
Inequality Within Countries Pits Worker Against Worker
Working class incomes have stagnated around the world as elites' wealth has increased. The winner of the U.S.-China trade war has been Wall Street. Two experts brief journalists on the connection between domestic inequality and trade conflicts.
Vaccine Approval 101
FDA Vows to Maintain Standards for COVID Vaccine
Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s vaccines division, briefs NPF fellows on the hazards of expediting a coronavirus vaccine while also maintaining rigorous safety standards. Interactive transcript available.
The Science of Fighting Poverty
Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee: Lessons for America on Fighting Poverty
The randomized controlled trial is a mainstay of medical research, but Banerjee was the first to apply it to the study of poverty reduction. His lessons from around the world about what works.
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