How COVID Overwhelmed an Already Stressed System
With low-paid workers and bare-bones budgets, child care centers have survived on the edge for years. Now, as parents pull their children amid COVID, the industry faces a reckoning.

As Inequality Within Countries Increases, So Do Conflicts Between Them
The author of a book on rising inequality details how long-term trade trends have distorted the global economy and threatened international peace.

Volunteer Data Scientists Create Tool for Journalists
Tracking $4 trillion federal pandemic spending is hard. DataKind DC unveils databases to help track the geography and demography of who got PPP loans and who did not.

The Voting Process is Big News This Cycle
How journalists can help voters stay abreast of changes in laws that could prevent their vote from counting on Nov. 3.

Early Stress Can Have Lifelong Effects on Brain and Body Health
A “revolution” in research is uncovering the connections between poverty, racism and hunger in children and long-term behavior and health outcomes.

Masking Up for the Long Haul: COVID-19 Won’t Go Away Quickly
Even with an approved vaccine, the coronavirus will likely be with Americans until late 2021, says a top infectious disease specialist.

Carnegie Mellon University resource pulls in 800 different data layers to allow reporters to document a changing planet.

A news graphics designer shares tips for producing simple but well-designed graphics to illustrate your stories.

Podcasting is the current “it” thing in journalism. An NPR veteran explains how to do it.

To watch all the video in C-SPAN’s library would take a quarter of a century. Here’s how journalists can make use of it.

Knowing what your competitors and sources are tweeting and posting can help you stay on top of a beat.

Florida Journalists Use Technology to Show Failing Schools

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NPF: Race and Policing

Race and Policing

Rod K. Brunson, Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. Professor of Public Life, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Northeastern University

NPF: What To Do If Danger Looms

What To Do If Danger Looms

Robert Petit, Vice President, Training Division, Orbis Operations
Chase Ford, senior instructor, Orbis Operations

NPF: What to Do If You Are Attacked or Arrested

What to Do If You Are Attacked or Arrested

John Donnelly, CQ Roll Call; Kevin Goldberg, VP, Legal, Digital Media Association

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