Thomas L. Stokes Award for Best Energy Writing

Each year, the National Press Foundation presents the Thomas L. Stokes Award to a U.S.-based journalist for the best writing on the subject of energy. The Stokes Award was established in the spring of 1959 by friends and admirers of the late Thomas L. Stokes, the syndicated Washington columnist on national affairs. It is given annually for the best writing “in the independent spirit of Tom Stokes” on subjects of interest to him including energy, natural resources and the environment. The winner of the award receives $2,000. The subject may be any form of energy—oil, gas, coal, nuclear, water, solar, etc. The journalism may be reporting, analysis or commentary and can consist of one to three articles on unrelated subjects, or one series of articles or a project on a related subject. The entry should represent the highest standards of journalism.

Applications for the Thomas L. Stokes Award have closed. Please check back for the announcement of the winner.

Email with any questions.