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People in Washington Talk – As Long as You Keep Their Names Out of It
From Signal to WhatsApp, there are several tools reporters can use to keep conversations with sources secure.

If GOP Changes the Tax System, What Would it Look Like?
The tax system is a mess, most experts agree – but changing it is exceedingly difficult. How might it happen?

From AIDS to Ebola to Zika, NIH Scientist at Forefront of U.S. Public Health Responses
Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the nation’s top infectious disease specialist for more than three decades and has different lessons to learn from the country’s public health epidemics.

States are on the Front Lines of Trying to Control Opioid Abuse, Deaths
In Alaska, the state’s health commissioner has long had a range of unique public health problems to confront; the scourge of opioids is just the latest.

Surge in Hateful Acts Across US Challenges Newsrooms
State law governs what is – and isn’t – considered a hate crime. Journalists need to know the law when reporting on hateful acts.

Understanding the Complexities of the U.S. Budget as the National Debt Increases
An advocate calling on Congress and the White House to curb their debt addiction says reporters should seek to understand the government’s arcane budgeting process.

As People Age, Cognitive Function Declines – But Not Always
How does the brain age – and is memory loss inevitable?

Less-Prepared Americans are Still Retiring Earlier Than They Should
About half of U.S. workers may be underprepared for retirement, and the trends aren’t improving.

After Age 50, People Focus on Health and Savings
Three advocates describe federal programs that are critical to older Americans.

When Older People Use Community to Support Each Other
Rather than spending their final years in nursing homes or assisted living centers, many seniors are relying on new arrangements.

CFPB Offers Consumer-Friendly Tools and Guidelines
Americans lose billions each year to scams and fraud. Education and caution are key to protecting financial assets.

Understanding the Limits to the Human Body
Despite headlines of people living to 150, a researcher says that is too optimistic.

C-SPAN has been recording politicians at work for nearly four decades – and journalists can access those clips for use in their own stories.

When reporters get called to share their expertise on air, they need to remember to sit up straight and stay on-message. A veteran TV producer shares some tips.

The Software Platform Dataminr is Useful to Find ‘Signals’ That Point to News

Using Software Platform Tableau to Build and Launch Online Visualizations

USA Today’s Jasper Colt, a multimedia producer, offers practical tips for taking and editing photos and videos, with the help of a few easy-to-use apps.

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