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Longtime Journalist Offers Tips on Making the Leap From Daily News to Writing Books
John Farrell spent decades in newsrooms. Now he spends his time in archives, including for his most recent book: a biography of Richard Nixon.

Fact-Checkers Search for Reality – Even as Partisans Choose to Ignore It
Washington Post and PolitiFact journalists describe how fact-checkers debunk falsehoods.

After Age 50, People Focus on Health and Savings
Three advocates describe federal programs that are critical to older Americans.

Potential Conflicts for U.S. Military Abound – Can They Be Managed Simultaneously?
Three experts from think tank Stimson Center give Paul Miller fellows an overview of the key challenges the U.S. faces around the world.

How – and Why – Congress Regularly Plays Fiscal Chicken
If the federal government can’t pay its debts, it could play havoc on financial markets. So why does Congress regularly threaten to do so?

Veterans on the Beat Counsel Caution as Reporters Dig into Immigration Changes
Understanding the nuances of the law and the frailties of the human condition are vital to reporting on immigration.

C-SPAN has been recording politicians at work for nearly four decades – and journalists can access those clips for use in their own stories.

When reporters get called to share their expertise on air, they need to remember to sit up straight and stay on-message. A veteran TV producer shares some tips.

The Software Platform Dataminr is Useful to Find ‘Signals’ That Point to News

Using Software Platform Tableau to Build and Launch Online Visualizations

USA Today’s Jasper Colt, a multimedia producer, offers practical tips for taking and editing photos and videos, with the help of a few easy-to-use apps.

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Finding the Hidden Stories in Congress

Paul Singer, Washington correspondent, USA Today

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From Climate Skeptic to Climate Realist

Bob Inglis, executive director, republicEn

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