Informing Citizens About Voting Barriers

Laws that make it harder for people to vote can undermine a citizen’s fundamental right to vote – and in the worst cases, amount to voter suppression. The National Press Foundation offers this Oct. 1 briefing to help reporters cover changes to voting laws and rules in their states. These include voter ID laws, purges of voter registration rolls, felon voters, polling place closures or consolidation, electioneering intimidation and more. Plus, advice on what to do if you are refused a ballot.

Join the National Press Foundation Oct. 1 at noon Eastern for a briefing on these election issues. 

The briefing will be held on Zoom and journalists who register may ask questions by audio or chat. They can also submit questions for panelists in advance by sending them to Alyssa Black at


Wendy Weiser, vice president for the Democracy Program, Brennan Center for Justice

Dale Ho, director of the Voting Rights Project, ACLU

Arisha Hatch, chief of campaigns, Color of Change


This program is sponsored by Arnold Ventures. NPF retains sole responsibility for programming and content of the briefings.