Global Trade: A Pandemic Primer


Despite COVID-19, trade marches on. The National Press Foundation has launched a 10-part series on global trade – where it’s been, where it’s going, what COVID-19 will change, what COVID-19 won’t touch. Journalists from around the world are invited to ask some of the leading experts from industry, government and academia about the at-risk supply chains for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies; the renewed U.S.-China trade war; the essential goods most at risk of disruptions; the waning influence of the World Trade Organization; whether reshoring will become a reality; and more.

The briefings will be conducted on Zoom and registered journalists will be allowed to ask questions by audio or chat.

This program is sponsored by the Hinrich Foundation, an Asia-based philanthropic organization that works to advance mutually beneficial and sustainable global trade. You can sign up to the Hinrich Foundation’s newsletter to receive their weekly articles about trade. NPF retains sole responsibility for programming and content of the briefings.