Chef Brandon Winn believes in the farm-to-table concept, and has been weaving it into his cuisine at Webster House for 12 years.

He strives to source most of his ingredients within 75 miles of the restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri – a mission that requires some ingenuity and plenty of miles on the road.

For National Press Foundation fellows learning about the relationship between agriculture and food, Winn prepared a five-course tasting menu with local food.

Bison tartare was prepared with local bison, mushrooms, turnips and mustard greens. He created a Japanese dish called chawanmushi made with Missouri River bass, rice, scallion and radish.

Braised oxtail roulade was made with local oxtail, blackberries and pea shoots. Roasted duck galantine showcased local duck, eggplant and greens. Dessert was a cheesecake made with local sheep’s cheese, pickled peaches and hyssop.