Do you have a mobile phone? So do 6.8 billion other people worldwide, which makes mobile health care a no-brainer.

“Any simple phone can receive and send a text message,” said Surabhi Joshi, project officer for mobile health for the World Health Organization.

WHO’s program, called Be He@lthy Be Mobile, is being used for patients with hypertension, diabetes, lung disease, cancer, tobacco and aging. As an example, the Senegal government sent 4 million text messages to the population with information about Ebola during the 2014 crisis.

Joshi said Be He@lthy Be Mobile is under way in eight nations – Costa Rica, india, Norway, Philippines, Senegal, Tunisia, United Kingdom and Zambia. Another 56 nations have expressed interest. WHO insists on working with governments, rather than NGOs or health organizations, because “ownership by the government is important.”