How to Find Trustworthy Sources

By Valerie Yurk

A Google search can yield lists of infectious disease experts, but sorting fact from fiction and identifying credible sources can be a challenge for journalists.

Marla Dalton, executive director and chief executive officer of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, said nonprofit websites and resources are reporters’ best bet for navigating the tricky narrative.

NFID, a nonprofit that focuses on disseminating timely and relevant infectious disease information, is one of many nonprofits that aim to help journalists educate the public.

Dalton said NFID is affiliated with infectious disease experts – pharmacists, physicians and nurses – who have been through the organization’s vetting process and media training.

“These experts share a compassion and commitment to tell factual stories,” she said.

Nonprofits life NFID also work with journalists to translate tricky scientific concepts and help them understand the practical implications of the latest science. The goal is to make information digestible and practical to readers.

“We need to continue to do a good job telling the value of these vaccines through eyes of providers,” Dalton said. “It’s measles today, but we don’t know what it’s going to be tomorrow.”

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