The daily hiccups of the global financial markets are more meaningful when viewed against the backdrop of world financial events and a longer timeline. This webinar on understanding what makes the markets move features Richard Miller of Bloomberg News and Mike McNamee of the Investment Company Institute.

They discussed the impact of foreign markets on U.S. trading, as well as the “real economy” – indicators such as jobs, consumer spending and auto sales. Federal Reserve policy – or expected policy – can move the markets, as can the price of oil and the seemingly remote troubles of tiny Greece.

For journalists, our experts offered tips on explaining how economic stories may affect a specific audience:

* Know what drives the local economy: Is it manufacturing, tourism, agriculture?
* Talk with a regional economist; many are affiliated with local universities.
* Banks may also have economists who are tracking local trends.
* Identify economists working with local companies. Try the National Association of Business Economists.
* Financial planners can help local investors understand what’s happening.

A key takeaway: Don’t be overwhelmed by the markets’ ups and downs. Try to read broader signals to keep a saner perspective, for yourself and for your audience.