Republicans Can Undo the Affordable Care Act – and Reporters Should be Prepared

By Chris Adams

Mary Agnes Carey, an expert health policy reporter for Kaiser Health News, has been watching Republicans in Congress try to kill the law known as Obamacare for all six years it has existed.

In 2017, they have the chance to do so. And she gave NPF Paul Miller fellows a roadmap for how to cover that issue – as well as other health care topics.

“This is historic in nature, in so many ways,” Carey said. One of her suggestions is also one of the most basic: Go to Capitol Hill and sit in on committee hearings, rather than just watching them on TV. You’ll pick up a level of nuance you can’t see on a television screen, and you’ll see which lobbyists are in the room even if the camera never focuses on them.

Among her other suggestions:

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