By Sandy K. Johnson

Some chefs walk the walk. Matthew Beaudin, executive chef at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, uses his restaurant as a test kitchen for sustainable food.

Beaudin and his staff catch local fish; plant and harvest vegetables from local farms; and raise their own animals. “We even make our own salt,” he said, by harvesting the mineral from Big Sur and letting it dry in the sunshine.

Beaudin’s restaurant is at ground zero for Seafood Watch, a guide for consumers that rates various fish stocks and their countries of origin for sustainability and other criteria. Get the app and use it at the fish counter when you’re choosing what to buy.

Beaudin (bio, Twitter) created a sustainable fish tasting menu for National Press Foundation fellows. The appetizer was a cioppino of local mussels, clams, rock cod and Oregon pink shrimp. The entrée featured rockfish that he caught himself a few miles off the coast where the aquarium is based.