NPF: Video Editing on Mobile

Video Editing on Mobile

Dr. Ronald Yaros, Associate Professor, Phillip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland

No vertical video! That was the first of many useful tips for journalists on recording video with a mobile device, offered up during a program devoted to multimedia. Here are others: -Put the light source behind you, NOT behind your subject. -The subject should comprise about a third of the frame, on the left or right- NOT in the middle. -Put your device about an arm's length from the subject to capture the best possible audio. -Stand to the side, so that when your subject looks at you, he or she appears to be looking into the empty part of the frame. -Set your phone to airplane mode to preclude interruptions. -Ask the subject to spell his or her name on camera, with title. -Clear as much phone memory as possible in advance. Keep interviews short.