By Chris Adams

C-SPAN is far more than just speeches on the floors of the House and Senate.

The programming across three C-SPAN channels covers all things Washington, from congressional floor and committee action, to press conferences, to panel discussions at think tanks and nonprofits.

And it’s all archived, searchable and clip-able, so reporters can use a politician’s own words – on video – in their stories.

In an NPF video tutorial, Jeremy Art, a social media senior specialist at C-SPAN, shared tips on how to use the organization’s archives for daily or other stories.

Among the ways to use C-SPAN:

  • Start by creating an account. While you can search without having an account, creating one allows you to download and archive the clips you create.
  • Search the video library. The search form allows you to specify people, organization, location, type of event or date. You could drill in on President Donald Trump’s first major address to Congress, for example, or maybe an NPF event in which reporters and experts discussed how to cover the Trump administration.
  • Use tools to clip the part of a speech or event you want, and then download or embed the clip for use on your own website.
  • You can even see other user-created clips, which are ranked according to popularity.

Part of Art’s job is to find and publicize C-SPAN clips on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. One example: The day Attorney General Jeff Sessions came under fire for statements made during his confirmation hearing – the issue was whether he had met with Russian officials during the presidential election – C-SPAN was able to highlight both that hearing statement and a clip from 1999 in which Sessions is speaking about perjury and says, “No one is above the law.”