- U.S. Office of Government Ethics, (202) 482-9300, @OfficeGovEthicscontactoge@oge.gov; press contact: Vince Salamone (202) 482-9275

- Susan E. Dudley, director of Regulatory Studies Center and distinguished professor of practice, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, George Washington University; Email: sdudley@gwu.edu Twitter: @RegStudies

- Tom Hamburger, national correspondent at The Washington Post; Email: tom.hamburger@washpost.com Twitter: @thamburger

- Gregory Korte, White House correspondent at USA Today Washington Bureau; Email: gkorte@usatoday.com Twitter: @gregorykorte

- Tim Mak, senior correspondent at The Daily Beast; Email: timkmak@gmail.com Twitter: @timkmak

Four experts on the president's use of executive power provided information and resources to journalists at a National Press Foundation briefing. Watch the one-hour video recorded by C-SPAN below: