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Mississippi Today and The Economist Win First NPF Poverty Awards

Paid Internship with the National Press Foundation

NPF Seeks Director of Operations

NPF Expands Partnership with DataKind DC to Track Stimulus Spending

Johnson & Johnson and Colleagues Support NPF Fellowships in Honor of Wanda D. Moebius

New Journalism Awards for Reporting on Poverty and Inequality

National Press Foundation Joins in Urging Congress to Act on PACER Legislation

NPF Selects 25 Journalists for Vaccine Boot Camp Fellowship

NPF Joins #HoldTheLine Campaign to Support Maria Ressa

NPF Joins 15 Organizations Urging Continued Audio Access to SCOTUS Arguments

NPF Chooses 25 Journalists for Fellowship on Tracking Coronavirus Relief Funds

National Press Foundation Signs RCFP Letter

Open Letter to Law Enforcement Working to Keep the Peace in America’s Cities

Colorado Independent Wins Mattingly Award

Wall Street Journal Wins Stokes Award

Journalism That Inspires

NPF Selects 20 Journalists for Fellowship on Covering Cancer

Report for America Founders Honored

20 Journalists Selected by NPF for Covering the Heart Beat Fellowship

National Press Foundation Selects New President

Michael Kruse of Politico Wins Dirksen Prize

Bob Woodward Honored With NPF Award

Hinrich Award for Reporting on Trade Goes to AP Team

NPF Chooses 20 Journalists for Fellowship Covering Statehouse and Local Reporting

Project on Urban Heat Wins NPF Award

Dana Bash Wins NPF Award

Matson Wins Cartooning Award

Kaiser Health News Wins Feddie Award

NPF Selects 20 Journalists for Training on Criminal Justice

Miami Herald Editor Wins Bradlee Award

NPF Sends Two Journalists to Wharton Seminars

NPF Names 21 Journalists as Paul Miller Fellows

20 Journalists Chosen for Training on Food and Agriculture

Inaugural Media Training on Science Communication

Paid Internship with the National Press Foundation Fall 2019

Seeking President & Chief Operating Officer of the National Press Foundation

20 Journalists Selected for Training on Vaccines

NPF and Hinrich Foundation Create International Trade Journalism Award

Trauma Reporting Wins NPF Mental Health Award

High Country News Wins Stokes Award

20 Journalists Chosen for J2J Training on Trade

20 Journalists Selected for Training on Dementia

NPF Award Winners on the Power of Journalism

20 Journalists Chosen for Environmental Training

Elisabeth Bumiller Honored With Chairman’s Citation

Longtime NPF Board Member Walt Wurfel Dies

Washington Post Team Honored for Innovative Storytelling

Bloomberg News Reporter Wins Feddie Award

NBC News Anchor Lester Holt to Receive Taishoff Award

Journalist and Philanthropist Evelyn Y. Davis Dies

Berryman Cartooning Award Goes To Nancy Ohanian

Gizmodo Journalists Win Tech in Journalism Award

Dirksen Award Goes to CQ Roll Call Reporter

NPF Picks 20 Journalists for Public and Private Pensions Training

Annapolis Editor Wins NPF’s Ben Bradlee Award

Judy Woodruff, Al Hunt to Receive Kiplinger Award for Journalistic Achievement

Paid Internship with the National Press Foundation

20 Journalists Selected for Innovations in Public Health

20 Journalists Chosen for What’s Next in Artificial Intelligence Fellowship

Commentary: We Stand With A Free Press

20 Journalists Selected for What’s Next in Food and Agriculture Fellowship

NPF names 22 journalists as Paul Miller fellows

20 Journalists Chosen for Training on Oceans and Fisheries

Preserving Press Freedom More Important Than Ever

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Wins Mattingly Award

Illinois Watchdog Wins Stokes Award for Nuclear Power Safety Project

NPF Names 15 Journalists for Training on Opioids

What NPF Award Winners Say About Journalism

20 Journalists Chosen for Training on Working Longer

Best of 2017: Award-Winning Journalism Worthy of Your Time

Chairman’s Citation Goes to Sports Writer Sally Jenkins

NPF Board of Directors Rescinds Charlie Rose’s 2015 Award

Marianne Means, Past Chairman of NPF Board of Directors, Dies

Your Year-End Contribution Will Help NPF Make Good Journalists Better

Bret Baier Selected for Taishoff Award

Border Barriers Project Chosen for Innovative Storytelling Award

Technology in Journalism Award Goes to South Carolina Reporter

Paid Luv U Project Fellowship with the National Press Foundation

Washington Post Team Wins Feddie Award

Kevin Kallaugher Wins Cartooning Award

Dirksen Reporting Award Goes to Wall Street Journal

Arizona Republic Editor Wins Editor of Year Award

Clarence Page Tapped for Kiplinger Award

20 Journalists Chosen for Training on Aging Issues

Ramping Up the War on the Media

NPF names 22 journalists as Paul Miller fellows

Founding Member of NPF, Donald R. Larrabee, Dies

20 Journalists Chosen for Public Health Training

Why You Should be Outraged that a WV Reporter was Arrested for Shouting Questions

20 Journalists Chosen for Environmental Training

NPF Joins World Press Freedom Day Pledge

Why World Press Freedom Day Matters

Fellows announced for Farm to Table: Where Your Food Comes From

Sunshine Week and Open Government

NPF Joins Effort to Support Freedom of Press

Chairman’s Citation Winner Has Died

Mental Health Reporting Award Open for Entries

7 Ways to be a Better Journalist in 2017

Digital Innovator Selected for Chairman’s Citation

Two More NPF Awards Open for Entries

Nine Reasons to Attend NPF’s Awards Dinner

Jay Newton-Small Wins Dirksen Congressional Reporting Award

Washington Post Wins NPF Digital Innovation Awards

Gwen Ifill: “I Have the Coolest Job in the World”

Obit: Bill Hickman, Friend of NPF

How the Media Missed the Mark

Peter Kovacs Earns Ben Bradlee Editor of Year Award

Houston Chronicle Team Honored With Feddie Award

Lessons From 2000 Applied to 2016

Darrin Bell Wins NPF’s Berryman Cartoon Award

Martha Raddatz of ABC News Wins Taishoff Award

Hoyt Wins NPF Award for Contributions to Journalism

SLAPP Lawsuits Pose Threat by Intimidation

Why Trump’s Legal Threat Against NYT is Empty

Natalie Wolchover Wins Evert Clark/Seth Payne Young Science Journalist Award

NPF names 21 journalists as Paul Miller fellows

Fellows announced for Complexities of Mental Health training

Paid Internship with the National Press Foundation

Fellows announced for The Future of Food and Agriculture

Do New Overtime Rules Affect Your Staff?

Three Journalists Receive NPF Mental Health Award

How to Find Local Stories In National and World News

Aging and Retirement: Understanding Generational Changes

Art Wiese, Longtime NPF Board Member, Dies at 69

Two NPF Award Winners Pick Up Pulitzers

Newsrooms Should Look Closely at New Labor Rule

What It’s Like to Cover Your First Political Convention

InsideClimate News Wins Stokes Energy Award

Sunshine Week: Celebrate Open Government

Confronting the Opioid Epidemic

Bullish on the Future of Journalism

When The Only Option is an NGO

The Story Behind the Mattingly Award

Chairman’s Citation to Willamette Week’s Nigel Jaquiss

POLITICO Co-Founders on the Future of Journalism

Controlling the Message – and the Messenger

How The Washington Media Landscape Has Changed

New Journalism Award for Mental Health Reporting

NPF Announces 2015 Journalism Award Winners

Austin Kiplinger Remembered for his Love of Journalism

Latest TB Research

NPF Announces Fellows for Cancer Program

Chris Adams Joins NPF Staff

Obesity’s Toll: Get the Skinny on Fat

NPF’s Best of 2015

What makes Congress Tick?

NPF Master Class: Linda Deutsch, Ace Legal Reporter