Anna Johnson’s Bio

Anna D. Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Georgetown University. A hybrid scholar with dual degrees in Developmental Psychology and Public Policy, Anna’s research sits at the intersection of the two disciplines by blending the theory and measures of developmental psychology with advanced quantitative methods to ask exploratory and evaluative questions about how public policies can impact vulnerable children’s early development. Anna’s primary research focus is on the effects of publicly funded early care and education experiences on low-income children’s development. Beginning with a series of studies evaluating how the federal child care subsidy program impacts low-income children’s early care and early learning experiences, and their school readiness outcomes, Anna has expanded her consideration of publicly funded early care and education beyond subsidies to include an ongoing evaluation of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s renowned mixed delivery (e.g., Head Start; school-based pre-k) preschool system. Anna is currently the Principal Investigator of a multi-million dollar, 7-year longitudinal study of low-income children in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the Tulsa Study of Early Education and Development – Tulsa SEED). Tulsa SEED is following a cohort of children from age 3 (2016) through 4th grade (2023). Tulsa SEED collects comprehensive classroom and teacher data from children’s preschool through elementary education settings, as well as data on children’s cognitive, social, self-regulatory, and health outcomes. In a parallel line of research, Anna co-leads studies exploring the predictors and consequences of food insecurity, a vulnerability factor that disproportionately impacts low-income households with children and can be ameliorated by public policies such as food assistance and school-based food provision programs