Otis Chandler

Otis Chandler 2001

Los Angeles Times

Otis Chandler was a four-year letterman (world class shot-putter) and captain of the track team at Stanford University, graduating in 1950, and he has kept his eye on the finish line ever since. After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force as a 1st Lieutenant in 1953, he entered the executive training program at The Los Angeles Times, the paper owned by his family. He served in various management positions in the advertising, circulation and editorial departments before becoming publisher in 1960. He held that position he held for 20 years before becoming chairman and editor-in-chief of Times Mirror. During his tenure as publisher, The Times went through a transition from a relatively small local paper to a major national one. It won seven Pulitzer prizes, greatly expanded its foreign bureaus, and went through a complete redesign. Concurrently, Mr. Chandler also held positions as an officer in the parent Times Mirror Company, which owned at one time Newsday, the Baltimore Sun, Dallas Times-Herald, Denver Post, Hartford Courant and several smaller papers. Times Mirror also had large book, magazine, television and cable divisions with sales exceeding $3.5 billion. Consistent with his position in the industry and community, he also served as a director of the American Newspaper Publishers Association, the Associated Press, the International Committee to Free Journalists Held in Southeast Asia, Stanford University and Stanford's professional journalism program, and the Los Angeles County Museum of National History, among many others. A lifelong fitness buff, Mr. Chandler is an accomplished weightlifter, board surfer and motorcyclist, among other hobbies. After leaving The Times and Times Mirror in 1990 he opened a museum and business in Oxnard, California, devoted to antique and classic cars, motorcycles and even fire trucks (www.chandlerwheels.com).

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