Martin "Marty" Baron was named editor of The Boston Globe in August 2001. Previously he was executive editor of the Miami Herald since 1999. Under his leadership, the Herald won the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news coverage in 2001. In addition, Mr. Baron was named "Editor of the Year" by Editor & Publisher Magazine in April 2001. Mr. Baron began his journalism career at the Herald in 1976, serving as a state reporter and later as a business writer. He moved to the Los Angeles Times in 1979. He became business editor in 1983, assistant managing editor for "column one," polls and special projects in 1991, and editor of the newspaper's Orange County Edition in 1993. Mr. Baron then moved to The New York Times in 1996, and in 1997 became associate managing editor responsible for the nighttime news operations of the newspaper. He departed in 1999 to assume his post as executive editor of the Herald. Mr. Baron graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Lehigh University in 1976 with both BA and MBA degrees.
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