Technology in Journalism Award

NPF Award Winner: Technology in Journalism Award - Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu

Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu 2018

Gizmodo Media Group

Kashmir Hill is an investigative reporter at Gizmodo Media Group, focusing on privacy and technology. She specializes in first-person reporting and has previously lived on Bitcoin, worked as an invisible girlfriend, and purchased a sterling online reputation for a fake business. Hill was previously a senior editor for Fusion, where she edited its technology vertical Real Future. She has worked as a senior online editor for Forbes Magazine and editor for Above the Law, among other publications. Her 2016 story, “How an Internet Mapping Glitch Turned a Kansas Farm into a Digital Hell,” received an honorable mention from the National Press Club. She is based in San Francisco.

Surya Mattu is a Brooklyn based artist, engineer and investigative journalist who look at the ways in which algorithmic systems perpetuate systemic biases and inequalities in society. He is currently a Research Scientist at the Center for Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab and an investigative data journalist at The Markup. Previously, he was a contributing researcher at ProPublica, where he worked on Machine Bias, a series that aims to highlight how algorithmic systems can be biased and discriminate against people. Machine Bias was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for Explanatory Journalism. He has shown work at The Haus der Kulturen der Welt , Sundance Film Festival The Whitney Museum,  V&A Museum and Bitforms Gallery.