The Feddie Reporting Award

NPF Award Winner: The Feddie Reporting Award - Justin Jouvenal, Michael E. Miller and Dan Morse

Justin Jouvenal, Michael E. Miller and Dan Morse 2017

Washington Post

NPF judges said: “The Washington Post reporters revealed lapses in the federal refugee resettlement program that allowed MS-13 gang members to slip through the cracks and regroup in the United States. In the Washington area alone, more than 40 young immigrants have been involved in MS-13 violence including murder. In a deeply reported and beautifully presented project, the Post reporters illuminated the resurgence of gang violence, which later became a central issue in the Virginia governor’s race.”

Justin Jouvenal has worked as a justice reporter and web editor at The Washington Post since 2009. Jouvenal covered the Ebola crisis, mass shootings and the trial of former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell. In 2015, Jouvenal won an award from The National Press Club.

Michael E. Miller joined The Washington Post in 2015 from the Miami New Times, where his coverage of South Florida and the Caribbean won numerous awards including three Sigma Delta Chi medallions from the Society of Professional Journalists.  As a local enterprise reporter fluent in Spanish, he often covers immigration and other issues affecting Hispanic communities.

Dan Morse joined The Washington Post in 2005, starting in the Southern Maryland bureau as a general assignment reporter before his current assignment – covering courts and crime in Montgomery County. He earlier worked at The Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, and Alabama media. At The Advertiser in Montgomery, he was a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

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