In a special tribute, the Chairman’s Citation for Overall Excellence in Journalism honored the Journalists of the Gulf Coast, who kept writing and broadcasting during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, often at great personal risk and sacrifice, in order to keep the public informed. Jim Amoss turned the New Orleans Times-Picayune into the emergency community newspaper in both print and online editions. Dave Cohen kept WWL-AM radio on the air to serve as a center of advice and information for people who had nothing else but a radio. Stan Tiner made sure that the Sun-Herald was delivered to the folks of Biloxi. Editor Steve Cox kept the Mississippi Press publishing in Pascagoula, overcoming unimaginable obstacles. And after Hurricane Rita’s 120-mph winds tore through Beaumont, Texas, editor Tim Kelly at the Enterprise had his staff file direct-to-web reports, blogs, interactive features. These individuals worked heroically in covering this extraordinary event. So did many others who could not attend the dinner, but whom we honor as well.

2006 Chairman’s Citation
Journalists of the Gulf Coast