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Thursday, March 26, 2020

NPF Resources on COVID-19

Resources from recent NPF trainings on infectious diseases, vaccine development, and the history of medical knowledge with Dr. Anthony Fauci can be found here.

From Coronavirus to Tariffs: Workshop on Trade

On Monday, March 16, NPF hosted an all-day online workshop covering all things related to the coronavirus and its impact on global trade. A list of resources for covering trade can be found here. All of the resources from the program can be found here.

Speakers included Myron Brilliant of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Scott Paul of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, both discussing U.S-China trade frictions and the impact of U.S. enforcement actions; Jennifer Hillman of the Council on Foreign Relations on what’s going on at the World Trade Organization; and Kurt Tong of the Asia Group on the economic and political effects of coronavirus, especially in Asia.

Rick Dunham of Tsinghua University, Megan Cassella of Politico and Paul Wiseman of The Associated Press shared their tips for covering trade.

Support for this program was provided by Honda North America. NPF retains sole responsibility for programming and content.

Upcoming Webinar

COVID-19 and Homelessness: Monday, March 30

Join us online for a series of interactive trainings on how COVID-19 is affecting homeless and other vulnerable populations – and get the latest on efforts to prevent evictions and foreclosures and to provide shelter, testing and treatment for those on the streets.

NPF will host three weekly webinars beginning Monday, March 30, at noon Eastern, and continuing on April 6 and April 13.

Register here.

Support for this program is provided by Kaiser Permanente. NPF retains sole responsibility for programming and content.

ICMYI Resources

A Witness to Medical History (Dr. Anthony Fauci, National Institutes of Health)

Tracking Disease Outbreaks Using Social Media Tools (Joe Smyser, The Public Good Projects)

Tips for Understanding Scientific Statistics (Rebecca Goldin, George Mason University)

NPF Friends and Fellows

Two former NPF fellows tie the knot!

Congratulations Alexandra Glorioso of Politico (Opioids 2018) and Lawrence Mower of the Tampa Bay Times/The Miami Herald (Statehouse 2019).

They were married on Friday, March 20, in between coronavirus assignments. The couple lives in Tallahassee, Florida, and covers the state government.

 Standout stories by speakers and participants in our trade workshop and other NPF fellows:

Coronavirus: Fallout from global pandemic clouds Hong Kong’s economic recovery, Kurt Tong says | Mark Magnier | South China Morning Post | Participant, Coronavirus to Tariffs  March 2020

Will Trump be able to get emergency medical supplies fast enough? | Megan Cassella | Politico | Speaker, Coronavirus to Tariffs, March 2020

You asked us questions about the coronavirus: What experts are saying Kristen Jordan Shamus | Detroit Free Press | Vaccines 2019

Hearings start on releasing some youths from Cook County juvenile detention over COVID-19 fears Annie Sweeney | Chicago Tribune | Criminal Justice 2019