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July 9, 2020

NPF Chooses 25 Journalists for Fellowship on Tracking Coronavirus Relief Funds

The National Press Foundation has selected 25 journalists for a fellowship on “Tracking Coronavirus Relief Funds: How to Follow the Taxpayers’ Money,” to be held online July 13-17, 2020. The journalists are:

Jared Bennett | Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting | Louisville, Kentucky

Tyler Bridges | The Times-Picayune, The New Orleans Advocate | New Orleans, Louisiana

Jay Cridlin | Tampa Bay Times | St. Petersburg, Florida

Johnny Edwards | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Atlanta, Georgia

Casey Frank | Miami Herald | Miami, Florida

Mark Greenblatt | Scripps Washington Bureau, Newsy | Washington, D.C.

Peter Hancock | Capitol News Illinois | Springfield, Illinois

Craig Harris | Arizona Republic, | Phoenix, Arizona

Alva James-Johnson | Spectrum Magazine | Pine Mountain, Georgia

Sophie Kasakove | The News & Observer | Raleigh, North Carolina

Sarah Kolinovsky | ABC News | Washington, D.C.

Kelsey Landis | Belleville News-Democrat | Belleville, Illinois

Don Lee | Los Angeles Times | Washington, D.C.

Abby Livingston | The Texas Tribune | Washington, D.C.

Rose Lundy | Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting (Pine Tree Watch) | Hallowell, Maine

Rhea Mahbubani Kamal | Insider Inc. | New York, New York

Ben Markus | Colorado Public Radio | Denver, Colorado

Geoff Mulvihill | The Associated Press | Haddonfield, New Jersey

Emilie Munson | Hearst Newspapers | Washington, D.C.

Karen Rouse | New York Public Radio | New York, New York

Jennifer Schlesinger | CNBC | New York, New York

Michelle R. Smith | The Associated Press | Providence, Rhode Island

Julie Carr Smyth | The Associated Press | Columbus, Ohio

Aldo Svaldi | The Denver Post | Denver, Colorado

Chance Swaim | The Wichita Eagle | Wichita, Kansas


Upcoming Online Training

The U.S.-China trade war is expanding into an undeclared Cold War over trade, technology and geopolitical influence. From rising tensions over Huawei, Hong Kong, the treatment of the Uighurs and Chinese fighter jets buzzing Taiwan, the risks of escalation are rising. How can this increasingly bitter conflict be managed? And how can journalists cover the deteriorating U.S.-China relationship objectively during an intensely partisan election campaign season?

Support for this training comes from the Hinrich Foundation. NPF retains sole responsibility for programming and content.


Online Training Roundup

The United States is dependent on China for a range of vital materials used in everything from livestock to fighter jets, yet it hasn’t made plans in case Beijing decides to cut off those supplies.

The jobs report that comes out at the start of every month is the result of a rigorous, time-tested process that would be exceedingly difficult to corrupt, a former commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said in a National Press Foundation briefing. But she also knows it’s often difficult to convince partisans of that fact.

Demand for absentee and vote-by-mail ballots has surged amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but most states are mired in litigation about the practice. Opposition persists despite evidence that the risk of fraud is miniscule, experts told journalists during a National Press Foundation online briefing.


Tit-for-tat tariffs now tack on about 20% to the cost of U.S. and Chinese exports, and U.S.-China trade relations are likely to remain fraught no matter who wins the White House in November. Here’s a short video of Mary Lovely explaining that tariffs meant to hurt China have in fact hit the U.S. manufacturing supply chain hardest.

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