Reporting on Mental Health

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Mental Health

Advocate for mental health reforms says Congress is moving on legislation, although typical Washington roadblocks remain.

New Approaches Result in Rash of New Polls – and Concerns
With landlines disappearing and online methods expanding, pollsters confront a wealth of new challenges to discern political preferences.

As Truth Squads Have Proliferated, Campaign Journalism Has Forever Changed
Expert fact-checkers from The Washington Post, PolitiFact document how they dig in on what candidates say.

Reporters Can Find Stories in All Federal Courts – Not Just the Supreme One
Courts offer rich trove of stories and sources, and most of them are overlooked by beat reporters.

Journalist Jesse Holland Researched the Slaves Who Built the White House – and Lived in It
Twelve U.S. presidents were slave owners, a jarring historical fact that Jesse Holland has woven into a book rich with detail.

People Have Difficulty Relating to Their Older Selves
Take the quiz: What are the biggest behavioral obstacles to saving for your retirement?

VA System Treating Veterans, Both Older Generations and Young
As veterans returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, they encountered a health system that seeks to integrate physical and mental needs.

Advocates Help Journalists Ease Stigma Caused by Mental Illness
Media practices have changed over time but too often still treat those with mental illnesses as ‘people over there.’

Jails Have Become De-facto Psychiatric Hospitals, Upending Families
For author and journalist Pete Earley, the failings of American mental health system were very real when his son had a psychotic break.

Media Helped Develop Guidelines on Suicide Coverage
A handful of the 42,000 suicide deaths each year involve celebrities and VIPs. Here are tips on how to responsibly report on them.

A New Way of Looking at Mental Illness Drives Federal Research
A top official from the National Institutes of Health describes how thinking about psychiatric illness has changed – as have research dollars to study it.

Counties Working to Assess Jail Populations for Mental Health
As jails continue to fill with the mentally ill, counties are beginning to take a pledge to screen and treat suspects.

The Software Platform Dataminr is Useful to Find ‘Signals’ That Point to News

Using Software Platform Tableau to Build and Launch Online Visualizations

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press on how journalists can make the most of public records laws – and also how to best work the system.

USA Today’s Jasper Colt, a multimedia producer, offers practical tips for taking and editing photos and videos, with the help of a few easy-to-use apps.

Whether asking for details on health care costs, or if city streets have been plowed after a big storm, tapping your audience can yield new information.

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Heather Dahl co-founded The Cynja LLC, a multi-platform media company focused on introducing children to the world of technology and cybersecurity. In addition, she co-authored The Cynja Volume 1 and her second book will be released this fall. The Cynja is a Founding Partner of the Respect Network.

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