Live Webinar: Fake News and Alternative Facts in Today’s Media World

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, 12 p.m. Eastern | 17:00 GMT

In the past year, “fake news” went from an obscure term to a campaign concern to a political weapon. Now, if somebody doesn’t like your story, you could be labeled a purveyor of fake news. How can the media respond – both to the onslaught of fake stories and to the unfair charges that critical stories aren’t legitimate? Should the media fact-check obviously fake stories, or does that just give them more life? We’ll discuss the latest in this troubling trend. And we’ll take questions from viewers.


  • Jon Greenberg, staff writer, PolitiFact
  • Jesse Holcomb, associate director of research, Pew Research Center
  • Margaret Sullivan, media columnist for The Washington Post
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