Twitter for Journalists Webinar Series

Date: October 23 11:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m., EDT
Location: Online, livestreaming webinar

Twitter has rapidly become an important and efficient tool for journalists. With only 140 characters, journalists can search for sources and turn tips into breaking news. But how do you make your story rise above the chatter? How can journalists go beyond sharing news to creating community? How you do prevent “twibel” and other reporting inaccuracies?

This series of three webinars will help journalists maximize the medium for story development, find the best ways to interact with Twitter followers, and sidestep legal sinkholes. Sessions were led by multi-platform journalist and editor Mark S. Luckie (@marksluckie), who is Manager of Journalism and News at Twitter. Read Mark's bio here.

October 9: Reporting with Twitter

October 16: Engaging with Twitter users: Watch the recorded webinar below.

October 23: Using Twitter safely and legally

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