The One-Time Only “Shutdown Feddie” Award

Thank WASHINGTON For This New Award !!!

$5,000 smackeroos

Colleagues –

A dysfunctional federal government is a terrible thing to waste. And now that our leaders have agreed to keep the world’s strongest economy afloat  (and let others clean up the breakage ), we want to honor the best story or stories, on any platform, showing the impact of  the partial federal shutdown at the local level.

For just one year-2013, (we hope), we created the Shutdown Feddie. A total of $5,000 became available for journalism that captures when local funds were cut, staff was reduced, threats were made to discontinue services and payments and many federal employees were told to stay home.

This award did NOT impact applications already received for the regular Feddie. The applications were judged on their own merits and honored accordingly. Only stories that delt with the consequences of the partial federal shutdown were considered.