Technology in Journalism Award

The application for the Technology in Journalism Award has closed. Please check back to see the 2017 winner of the award.

The Technology in Journalism Award recognizes individuals or organizations that develop, adapt or creatively apply specific tools or technologies in the gathering and reporting of impactful journalism of the highest quality. A vendor or technology partner may apply if submitted jointly with a news organization. Judges will take into consideration the originality of the nominated tool or technology, its criticality to shaping the story, and how it is used within larger journalistic efforts. The competition is open to anyone at a U.S. news organization. The award and a cash prize of $5,000 will be presented at the NPF Awards Dinner on Feb. 15, 2018. The award winner will also present at an educational event to share and explain the innovation behind the work at a date determined by NPF and the award winner.

NPF’s 2016 Technology in Journalism Award went to The Washington Post for its multimedia presentation on the tide of refugees washing up on Europe’s shores, titled The Waypoint. The NPF judges said, “This was a well-crafted narrative that serves as testament to true human perseverance. The use of technology allows readers to be part of the deeply emotional journey of seeking asylum. High-tech tools brought the narrative to life.” Washington Post staffers: Kevin Schaul, Zoeann Murphy, Samuel Granados, Kat Downs, Emily Chow, Griff Witte.

The judges assigned an honorable mention to The Wall Street Journal, “for creating an original tool that gave readers a side-by-side look at real conversations on Facebook from both sides of the political spectrum.”