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Excellence in Online Journalism Award

The Excellence in Online Journalism Award recognizes significant achievements in the field of internet journalism. This award will be presented to an individual journalist or a media organization for outstanding use of online technology producing quality journalism. This can be as broad as an exceptional website, an innovative tablet or mobile website, or as specific as a creative app or the excellent use of digital media to report from the scene of a story. Judges will take into consideration both the quality of the journalistic work and the innovative use of online technology to honor the best intersection of the two. The award is presented at the Annual Awards Dinner. Nominations are being accepted for this award from external parties as well as internally from award committee members. Only U.S. based journalists and organizations are eligible for this award.

Take a look at the acceptance speech by re/code, the 2014 winner of the The Excellence in Online Journalism Award.


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Awards Dinner

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