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Wave of Baby Boomers Will Balloon Alzheimer’s Cases
Face of Alzheimer’s: 5.4 million Americans, mostly 75 and older, at a price tag of $236 billion per year.

For Reporters on Personal Finance and Aging Beats, Repetition is OK
As journalists seek to reach readers, a focus on people – and on simple messages – are key.

Every Community is Affected by Mental Illness
Stories about mental health are under-reported, and three award-winning journalists share what they learned while covering the issue.

Supremes Take the Spotlight, but Stories Abound in Other Courts
The courts beat is rich with potential stories, well beyond the Supreme Court.

Organic Farmers Command a Premium in Marketplace
The organic certification process takes years but more and more farmers are converting conventional farms to organic.

40% of Food Produced in US Goes to Waste
Americans waste $162 billion worth of food every year, enough to fill the Rose Bowl every day.

Technology Helps Farmers Increase Productivity
Farming today is not your grandfather’s farming; technology is essential to maximize yields.

Number of Farms Down, But Size is Up
Union of Concerned Scientists says farm policy is distorted by federal policies – although that has begun to change.

Consumer Choice and Transparency on GMO Foods
Controversy over GMOs finally forces federal action to prevent patchwork of state laws.

Sensory Scientists Help Define Your Tastes
When new food products are being developed, scientists carefully test consumer reaction to taste, size and color.

To Be Successful Curbing Hunger, Agriculture Needs to Rethink its Focus
A childhood hunger expert offers 10 areas of agriculture that need to change in order to fight hunger abroad and to help the U.S. farm sector.

Debate About How and Whether to use Antibiotics in Livestock
A member of White House panel on antibiotic use in farm animals talks about concerns over its use – and how valid those concerns are.

The Software Platform Dataminr is Useful to Find ‘Signals’ That Point to News

Using Software Platform Tableau to Build and Launch Online Visualizations

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press on how journalists can make the most of public records laws – and also how to best work the system.

USA Today’s Jasper Colt, a multimedia producer, offers practical tips for taking and editing photos and videos, with the help of a few easy-to-use apps.

Whether asking for details on health care costs, or if city streets have been plowed after a big storm, tapping your audience can yield new information.

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NPF: Understanding the Zika Threat

Understanding the Zika Threat

Dr. Jesse L. Goodman, Georgetown University Medical Center; Liz Szabo, USA TODAY; Dr. Marcos Espinal, Pan American Health Organization

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The Front Lines of the Opioid Crisis

Dr. Leana Wen, City of Baltimore

NPF: What is the Race & Ethnicity Beat?

What is the Race & Ethnicity Beat?

Jesse Holland is the Race, Ethnicity & Demographics Writer at the Associated Press.

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